quantitative asset management, llc

Our Philosophy

 At  Quantitative Asset Management (QAM) we are committed to providing our  clients with high quality, personalized investment advice that produces  superior market returns. Moreover, we recognize that investment risks  must be managed. At QAM we seek to find balance between investment risks  and our clients’ needs and financial objectives.

In managing an  investment portfolio one must be cognizant of the need to weigh the  risks associated with a given investment strategy. We feel those risks  fall into two basic components,“qualitative” and “quantitative.”  Frequently, too much emphasis is placed on the “qualitative” component  without truly understanding the inherent risks. The biggest risk  investors face in the long term is the “quantitative” component. To  preserve and to grow assets a portfolio must earn enough to outpace the  dilution from taxes and inflation, thus producing real returns. Riskless  investments (i.e. highest quality) rarely produce real returns. We  recognize that owning quality at too high a price will ultimately lead  to poor performance and client disappointment.

Other risks  include volatility, liquidity, time, legislative and economic change. In  managing portfolios one must understand these risks and balance them  with the defined risk profile and needs of each investor. At QAM we are  uniquely qualified to do just that.

At QAM we look for balance in  analyzing these risks, and attempt to provide superior real returns  while lowering the risk profile. That discipline and patience will lead  to superior performance over time.

Our approach may best be  described as “all cap core equity.” QAM uses a bottom up approach, and  looks at macro economic trends when making investment decisions. QAM  looks to take advantage of structural weakness and opportunities within  the broad investment markets. Our approach is based upon value, but  without necessarily sacrificing growth. We look for opportunities  without limiting when or where you need to be invested. We follow the  basic tenants of modern portfolio theory using our thirty-five years of  investment experience during which time we have used a broad spectrum of  investment vehicles to produce superior returns.

We also  recognize that each account will have its own risk profile with  individual needs. We will work hard to structure portfolios that address  these requirements.